Digital Solutions

What We Do

We provide digital solutions for businesses, from graphic design through to IT. Our primary focus is website design and development and other core products and services in the digital space. We are a digital solutions provider.

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Digital Solutions

It's What we Do

"While studying for my diploma in business, one of the courses that we did was "Information Management", this course captivated me at the time with where the Internet was heading and how it would evolve in the future, this was around the same time that the dot com boom was happening. It was from that moment that I knew that the digital space was going to be something I wanted to be involved in, I had a passion for design and knew nothing about coding, I just knew they were going to be skills that would become critical in our futures. My journey into the digital age was one of trial and error, learning code and self discovery that become my passion and then my job".

Oraco Solutions offer a host of different products and services.  We started with basic website design before an opportunity came our way to sell Domain Names and Web Hosting products.  We have built this platform into a brand that can be trusted and have been serving customers worldwide over the last 20 years along with graphic design and IT solutions.

Our primary focus is on small businesses and new businesses websites along with helping those clients have a better understand of their digital products.  We offer the following solutions and we deliver results.

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Website Design & Development

We design and work with small to medium-sized businesses. Our responsive and professional website design will match and represent your branding at a high standard regardless of the budget.

We consider our model to be one of the most competitive and cost-effective products in the New Zealand market. We deliver excellent results and work hard to have your brand reach your potential customers.  We have a budget that works for all businesses and not every website is built equally or the same, as each business is unique with a set of values and goals.  We are extremely easy to work with and put 110% effort into every project we work on.

Have a conversation with us today, view our work and see what our clients have to say about our service. 

SEO & Marketing

Each website that we build is built with SEO in mind.  These are the organic fundamental building blocks to give your website some chance of being successful through Google serach without applying off-page optimisation techniques like SEM, these might in include things Google Adwords, writing blog submission, link building and directory submission. 

Building a Website without SEO is like Building a Road without Direction!

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Domain Names

Oraco Solutions has been selling domain name services since 2001, Our customers are based worldwide. 

We sell all the major TLD domain names, including New Zealand TLD (Top Level Domains) domains as provided by the DNC (Domain Name Commission).  Our simple to use and feature-based interface makes managing your digital products easy. 

You can easily self-manage your products or have us fully manage your products on your behalf, where we will take care of the techical aspects of your digital products, domain name, webhosting etc, making sure that the DNS services are working correctly. We are a trusted brand and provide an excellent service with no hidden charges.

Web Hosting

We provide web hosting solutions for all our clients we build website for on our servers that we control and trust.  Our servers are based in different location worldwide and here in New Zealand.

If you are looking for a good hosting option, make contact with us today. The web hosting solutions we provide are perfect for static websites and CMS systems like, WordPress.

We also offer VPS and dedicated server solutions.

Our Clients are Hosted on our Platform.

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Graphic Design

Our customised graphic design service using popular design software like Adobe Creative Suite assures that we are designing quality graphics for your brand and your website. 

Graphics and website design go hand and hand when creativity is the focus. We mainly build graphics for digital products like your website or social media, we can go beyond just your digital graphics and design brochures, business cards or media print as required.

Our graphics are custom-made to represent our customer’s uniqueness and individuality.