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Registering a Domain Name

Registering a domain name through Oraco Solutions has never been easier.  We have been managing and providing domain registration services for over 20 years, it is fair to say we know our stuff. 

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Registering a Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

What is a domain name? The domain name links the structure of your website to a chronological name, instead of an IP address that would be difficult to remember.  Therefore, yourdomain.co.nz or .com may point to an IP address like, this IP address is the location from where your web server is based that your website is hosted on. Your domain name will be how people find you on the Internet. 

The domain name registration can be extremely important and you can have more than one domain pointing to your website.  We always recommend having your company branding in your domain and then having additional domains that might describe the type of services you may perform.  That is right, you can have multiple domains pointing to a single website and we recommend this.  The domain name registration process doesn’t have to limit you to a single domain, take advantage of multiple domains pointing to your website like we do.

Where to get started? There are many domain companies spread out across the world promoting different domain TLDs and many here in NZ.  So who do you go with when considering your domain registration? Oraco Solutions is also a provider of domain names and have been managing domain names for over 20 years. We are a reseller and this is important because it gives us the ability to control the pricing and the service we provide for our clients.  This doesn’t mean you have to be with us, however, we always encourage you to consider our service and this is why.

  • Relabile Domain Name Registration Service
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Full DNS management with every domain purchased
  • Full account control and access at all times.
  • Value for money
  • We are a Global Provider
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Help Desk
  • Small Locally Run Business

The importance of domain name management? 

The domain name registration process is one that is important and must follow the rules as set out by the different governing bodies who control those domain extensions.  TLD NZ domains are controlled by Domain Name Commision, it is important that your domain name is in the correct owner’s details and that you have access to the account at all times.  You are responsible for your domain name and the details provided and you must have access to the portal regardless of who is manging the domain.

Are you the actual owner of your domain, sounds like a surprising question to ask and a conversation we have with many new customers.  The set up of your domain and the ability for you to access your account and make the changes as required are extremely important. You must have the ability to access your domain account at any time your business needs to make a change.  

To check the details of any NZ TLD we recommend that you visit the Domain Name Commission, who is the regulatory body of all NZ domain names, they set the rules and the terms of all NZ domains.  You can check your domain here https://dnc.org.nz/ 

Great, what did you find out about your domain name? Are you the legal owner of your domain? If not and you need assistance to help take charge of your domain management we would be more than happy to oblige and give you back the full control of your domain, why is this important? See our FAQ below.


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Immediately contact your provider and have this updated.  You are required to be the legal owner of your domain.

If the email address attached to your domain name isn’t your email address, then technically you are not the owner of the domain name if things were to turn bad.  It is important that you have this updated immediately, so that if anything happens in the future that you have full access to your account and can gain control over the domain name.

In some cases, a company might fully manage the domain on your behalf and the email address might be in the business name if this is something that you have agreed to that can be acceptable, however, not without risk.  Talk with your provider/manager of your domain name if you would like to have this changed. We have customers where we manage the domain name fully and are happy to change these details at any time at there request. 

It becomes important when the domain needs to be moved, the details of the domain go to the specified email address. If in the unfortunate circumstances the company that developed your website or who controls your domain were to fail, you will find yourself in the position of having to file a dispute with the DNC.

If you find yourself in this position be prepared for a lengthy process that will cost you both time and money, while your online business may be down.

Please check this process here https://dnc.org.nz/drs

Your domain name portal is the gateway to manage the details and DNS records for your domain.  DNS management can be complex and should only be left to an experienced person because for every mistake made could mean that your website stops displaying or your email stops working.  If you have full control over your domain name, you can have someone come in and manage the changes for you, make sure you update your password if you are doing this after they have made the changes. 

Oraco Solutions as a reseller have full access to the domains within our account, we manage the domain portal for our clients when required. Example, reset the passwords or manage the DNS at your request.  You can, however, provide anybody access to your account that you choose, just make sure that you updated your password as we can not take responsibility for any third parties making changes to your domain if you have given them access to do so.

A domain name can be transferred easily if you have full control over your account.  All that is required is the domain secret or the UDAI code (Unique Domain Authentication ID) If the domain name email holder is not your email address, the provider will receive the request for transfer.  We recommend contacting them first to have the details updated so that you can receive the necessary information.

There are some domain companies that provide domain registration services without DNS management tools.  You will generally find these companies have some of the lowest pricing because they are not offering you the full Domain Name service with DNS, you have to upgrade your account to have this level of access and is where they make additional revenue from you.  All of Oraco Solutions domains come with full management and with an additional limited free email address service.

The Registrar company is a company that manages the reservation of domain names who must be accredited by the provider of the TLD, in the case of the .co.nz that company is the DNC.  Oraco Solutions are a reseller partner of Directi Web Technology Private Limited and have been since 2001.


Price can vary from provider to provider and is why we have competition.  We believe that you should not be paying more than $45 per year for your domain and that you should have full access and full DNS management.  Our pricing is much more favourable with full DNS tools provided.  Having the cheapest provider isn’t always the best option.

We are more than happy to help and deal with your provider and make al the necessary changes on your behalf.  We will be in regular contact with you during this process so that the transition and domain transfer is seamless.  Contact us for more details.

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